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it’s been too long, i know

I have so many unfinished posts in my Drafts folder. I can’t seem to finish one, ever. My life has come full circle finally, I’m getting (almost) a full night’s sleep and Spencer is over his colic/reflux so there is finally some peace in the house again. I finally feel human. I’d say that took a good year.  Wow, that is a long time.

It’s been 10 days since Spencer has started sleeping in his crib and his bedtime is now 7pm rather than 11:30pm like it was prior, so these evening hours to myself are a DREAM! He is learning to sleep independently and it hasn’t been painless but he has come a long way. One feeding during the night and he sleeps 13 hours.  It’s almost like he was begging for his own space he’s sleeping so well now!

My big boy turned 5 years old this week.  It’s interesting have a 5 year old and (almost) 5 month old.  The big age gap is good and bad.  Sweetlove is a big help, he loves to take care of his little brother and while he almost smothers him with love, he’s very gentle and patient.  I’m finding it difficult in ways I didn’t expect. Older kids have a lot more activities outside of the house and taking an infant out who is still sleeping most of the day and needs to be in his crib or he’s not a happy camper – is a struggle.  So for example, when Sweetlove has soccer practice smack in the middle of Spencer’s long nap, my husband takes him  and I don’t get to watch him play.  Evening games and practices are the same type of thing.  Sweetlove is a very active boy and needs all that energy channeled in a healthy way so we are nurturing his athletic side with all kinds of sports to see what he excels at, what he loves to play.  But I can’t sacrifice Spencer’s developing healthy sleep habits to run around after Sweetlove or stand in the rain at the soccer field with a fussy tired baby.  These thoughts are just sort of what’s been going on in my head lately. I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood to two boys, there are moments every day that make me well up with tears of joy – how blessed I am to have this life.



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