an interesting prenatal appt

August 7, 2008 at 10:17 am 3 comments

I took A with me to my monthly prenatal appt (I still can’t get over that I only see him once every four weeks, last pregnancy I was literally in the office every.single.week for the duration).  A doesn’t normally come with me to appts because he doesn’t get paid if he’s not at work and with me on sick leave right now, we need every penny.  And he works 90 minutes in the other direction of my doc’s office.  But doc wanted me to bring him today because he wanted to discuss VBAC delivery vs. repeat caesarian.  Which is kind of funny to me — the idea that I will make it to term without complications and I get to *ahem* choose!  I’m just about 27 weeks now and my BP is still perfect.  And doc thinks we might make it to the end this way and in that case, why not try for a VBAC?  Well, look, I said, in that perfect world you are thinking of I’ll try, sure.  But honestly in my wildest dreams I don’t see it happening.  There’s still plenty of time for things to go sideways.  Still, its kind of nice to have the discussion like I might win the lottery or something.  And get this… I’m measuring 33 weeks.  That’s 6 full weeks ahead of schedule!  That can’t be right, even though I know I’m humungous.  The strange thing is that I weight less than I did last pregnancy and I have hardly gained any weight at all.  I’ve definitely redistributed the weight to around my belly for sure.  Anyways, doc wants a scan to check for growth in 4 weeks juuuuuust to be sure.  He doesn’t hold a lot of (excuse the pun) weight on this measurement anyways, its too unreliable he says.  So from now on since I’m in my 3rd trimester I will be seeing doc every 2 weeks. 

I am not sleeping at all anymore.  Well in short spurts.  The pain in my hips and pelvis is so bad at night when I’m trying to sleep that I go from my bed to the recliner and back and forth all night long.  Then I make up for the lack of sleep during the day because I’m so exhausted.  It’s a viscious cycle.  Other than that I am still randomly vomitting and the heartburn is wicked day and night, but overall I’m happy to be dealing with such benign issues.  I am feeling just so blessed to have avoided the dreaded PIH/PE so far.

My mom has had a tough week with the chem.o side effects.  She’s started losing her hair, developed painful mouth so.res, bone / nerve pain along with complete weakness that keeps her in bed and sleeping a lot.  Her mental attitude is amazing though, or at least it is when I am with her, and she’s very positive about the future and being able to complete treatment.  We talk or visit every day and when she’s up to it, she visits with Sweetlove who perks her up like nobody’s business. 

It’s soooooooooo hot here right now I’ve been escaping to my air conditioned bedroom a lot and finding the heat kind of unbearable.  I am normally a sun worshipper but these days, being in the sun feels kind of awful.  It must be my giganticness that doesn’t agree with the heat.  Anyways, Sweetlove is having the time of his life this summer and I’m living vicariously through him.


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25w3d pain: welcome to 28 weeks

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  • 1. tigger  |  August 7, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    It can be totally traumatic to wake up to a pillow full of hair that is NOT attached to your head. Maybe suggest to your mom that she cut it? Mom shaved her head…all she lost was “chicken fuzz”. Her reasoning? “I know I’m going to lose it – I may as well cut it all off so there’s less mess to clean up and it’s not as noticeable!” She also wore hats, which is very unusual for her.

    I’m so glad that your appt went well. 6 weeks ahead of schedule, huh? Sounds like your kiddo might want OUT of there!

  • 2. canape  |  August 8, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    It has to be exciting that you are doing so well and getting so close now! November is going to be here before you know it 🙂

    Maybe you already know this, but for your mom? A silk pillowcase might be nice. My mom said that as the hair grows back in, even between treatments, and is stubbly still? That a silk pillowcase was much more comfortable on her bald head.

    Also, she and I did a post for my friend Susan’s blog that might be helpful – or not 🙂

  • 3. Alisha  |  August 11, 2008 at 11:29 pm

    Sounds like things are going well with your pregnancy…nice to read that!
    Sorry to hear that your mom is going through all that. I’m sure she loves it when you visit with SL.
    Not long now…the babe will be here before you know it!

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