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i have slowly begun entering the nursery in the last few weeks, just putting a few things in there that I’ve found around the house that we’ll need when the baby comes.  It feels weird being in there, for this purpose.  Too surreal to be real.  I’ve poured the internet for crib bedding, a weird obession I have, and finally after hours and hours of back and forth, I purchased this set:

Which means we’ll need to do some painting because the room doesn’t quite match these colors.  Did you know we decorated the nursery oh-so-niavely over two years ago when we first started “trying to conceive”? Isn’t that funny now looking back? Little did we know… Anyways, I’d kind of like to start fresh again, with a fresh theme (froggies this time) and put behind us these last two years of longing in that room.  I had A go under the house to the storage room and dig up all Sweetlove’s infant clothing yesterday so I could wash it all and organize things for the new baby… that feels so weird to say still!  23 weeks in and I’m still in denial! The baby is kicking me in the bladder all day long and it still doesn’t compute that this might actually come true. Like if I hold on too tightly to this dream it might slip away.  Ah the joys of infertility. So then we pulled everything out of the nursery closet and we’re setting up an organizer system to put the first year of clothes and such away.  Sweetlove was a preemie and was always in the 15% for growth so he was always a little behind the sizes for his age which was nice because he fit everything for a good amount of time.  I wonder if this baby will be the same or will he be a chub-a-bub?  I wonder so many things about this little peanut.  I can’t wait to meet him.  He’s already got quite the personality.  I’m sneezing a lot right now with these allergies and when I do, the baby just kicks me so hard like saying, “Mom please! I’m sleeping!”.  Bossy like his big brother 😉

Sweetlove started daycare this week now that my mom has retired from taking care of him.  His first day was nerve wracking for me, I called a few times to see how he was doing and when I picked him up the kid didn’t want to come home!  I was delighted with this, it means he had a good day and he is asking when he can go back!  It’s nice because all the kids are his age and there are only 5 of them and 2 teachers, with a montes.sori program built into the day.  I can tell my mom is really missing him though, she’s picked him up twice this weekend for little outings with Grandpa.  She says she’s going through withdrawal, and I can tell he misses her too.  His Grandma is really his number 1, the love affair between those two is so sweet.  And he’s good medicine for her too, she really perks up when they are together.

My blood pressure seems to be holdiing steady.  I am resting as much as I can on my left side which is when my BP behaves the best.  I have an OB appt on Wednesday for a check up.


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  • 1. Alisha  |  July 9, 2008 at 3:53 am

    happy to hear that L is doing well in daycare…that is soo great!
    I’m sure you worried about the transition. I know I would have…
    Good stuff!
    And how exciting to have to decorate another room for another little one. I remember when I was pregnant with Ava and I would sleep in her room. It gave me soo much comfort…I loved the color of the walls…it just seemed to soothe my soul. Have fun!

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