and the JOY has come through the FOG

June 2, 2008 at 5:05 am 2 comments

Wow… it feels like I have awoken from a four month long coma of fatigue and illness.  I am feeling so much better, I can’t even say.  I’d say this last week was a major turning point.  Not only is my energy back but the nausea has majorly subsided.  I still have moments of it, but seriously, I am feeling so much like myself I can’t even describe how good it feels.  I’ve been weaning myself off the for the last week and I’ve noticed my headaches decreasing so I wonder if that was the cause of the headaches as well?  Anyways I’ll take it!  I have found the joy in this pregnancy and I am going to revel in it.  I honestly wasn’t sure it was ever going to end – was I going to be one of the few who had nine months of sickness?  I was preparing myself for it.  And it was daunting.  There were moments in the last few months, more than I’d like to admit, that if there was an EJECT button I might have pressed it.  It was that bad.  And the fact that those thoughts even entered my mind after all we’ve been through to get here is just ridiculous.  I am looking very pregnant these days.  I popped a few weeks ago and every day I look down at this giant round belly and wonder if there might be a hiding 2nd baby in there somewhere.  I am really self-conscious when I am out in public though – I am a bigger girl to start with and I wonder if people look at me and think I’m just fatter around the middle than I used to be.  A says I look totally pregnant but what else is he gonna say right? I feel the baby kicking daily now and it is a nice reassurance things are on track down there.  The Doppler we use at home finds the heartbeat within a few seconds now but I try to not use it unless I absolutely need the reassurance, so maybe once a week or so.  My big u/s is in two weeks and I’m nervous out about what could go wrong but trying not to focus on it.


This is really just for my own records but I need to write down how I’m physically feeling at this point in the pregnancy.  I wish I’d kept a record of the last time because I don’t remember anything from last time.  My hips are hurting quite a bit, especially my right hip.  I’m having round ligament pains when I stand or move in bed.  I’m keeping the heartburn at bay nicely with AC.  My boobs have grown out of all my bras so I bought a nursing bra a little big (at the time) which fits now but is still big enough to fill when the milk comes in.  And they hurt a lot still, especially at night when I’m sleeping.  My skin is atrocious – I’ve tried so many (natural) things to try to control the acne but nothing is working.  My face is just awful and my shoulders and back are too, sorry and YUCK!  I know!  None of this is glamorous.  My blood pressure is holding steady and my next dr appt on june 10th will hopefully keep things the same.  Other than that, I just feel like a giant whale… so maybe I’ll feel like an elephant by the end of this!


Yesterday was a nice sunny day so we took Sweetlove to a water park in town and brought a little bbq to set up a hot dog picnic and even roasted marshmellows, Sweetlove’s favourite.  It felt so good to be out of the house and amongst the living again, watching my son race through the water puddles with his little truck, it was a wonderful day.  I’m appreciating life again, and it is amazing.   I think sometimes it’s healing to experience some isolating illness which shields you from the world for a while, and only then can you really appreciate the “little things” that make life so wonderful.


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  • 1. canape  |  June 2, 2008 at 6:39 am

    I am SO glad to hear that you are feeling better. And just in time for summer to come and you can spend lots of playtime with Sweetlove.

    This is awesome news.

  • 2. Jackie  |  June 3, 2008 at 1:29 am

    What an awesome update!!! I am SO SO happy for you. It’s always easy for someone else to say, this too shall pass, about things like morning (whoever said morning was nuts) sickness, but seems SOOOOOOOO long when you’re going through it.
    You will have a fun summer while feeling better, enjoying being ‘with child’ and looking forward to the big event!!! Not to mention fun times with Sweetlove! Little kids are so much fun in the warm weather. Looking forward to more great updates from you!

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