my ears are burnt

March 6, 2008 at 3:40 am Leave a comment

Today was a good day – we’ve ramped up our sun time to five hours today, and my ankle is still swollen and black and blue but doesn’t hurt nearly as much.  We had to attend a “presentation’ by the resort today in order to get our free round of golf and free spa gift certificate, which was two hours of torture – but worthwhile since it will save us about 400 USD.   Man, I can’t believe how pushy those presentations are!  They want you to give them forty thousand dollars to buy fifty weeks of vacations with the resort chain – like seriously, we are the WRONG demographic for that.  I didn’t tell them we’ve just committed to spending upwards of 35,000 on adopting a child and vacation timeshares are not on our horizon in the next oh, twenty or thirty years.  Seriously, not happening.  Taking no for an answer wasn’t exactly their strong suit either but we got it through to them and walked away unharmed.   We were on our pool loungers by 10:30 this morning and spent the entire day there with a couple we met from Minnesota, which was interesting.  Republicans from the US versus Democrats from Canada… needless to say the conversation was interesting! We came back for our daily siesta from 3:00-5:00 and then went out for a nice dinner to the golf club on the resort for some Japanese food.  We came back to our room and spoke with Sweetlove over webcam for a few minutes and now I’m going to spend some time online to complete the first of our adoption courses, part of the education requirement of the homestudy.  Friends of ours who are pursuing adoption right now are going through a rough time.  They were matched with a local baby in December that fell through last minute, and now again their second match fell through on the day of the birth on Saturday.  So heartbreaking.  I guess we should prepare ourselves for that, but wow, how do you get past such disappointment?  I feel very strongly that if a mother is having doubts that she should keep her child unless she is absolutely sure; and a child’s first place belongs with his/her birth family so it’s hard to say to our friends that we wish things went differently because really, you want what’s best for the child in each situation and if staying with the birth mother is the end result then I believe that is the right place for him/her.  And I hope when I am faced with the same situation that I can see past my own heartbreak and disappointment in the same light.  It’s just all so hard.  I think that I do see things a bit differently going into this from the point of view of having a biological child and being a mother already.  I know what it feels like to carry a child for nine months and love that child from before you set eyes on him/her.  I could not imagine making the choice to give that child a better life with another family.  I truly could not imagine.  I think I will learn a lot through the education component of the homestudy though, and I won’t feel so green with all this.   So we only have four more full days here in paradise… I can’t believe its gone by so quickly!  We are SO not ready for this to be over.  As much as we miss our Sweetlove, we definitely are having the most incredible time together.  And the best part about it is just being with eachother.  Something we haven’t really made time for in a long time.  Just the two of us, rediscovering why we got married.  And I’ve learned that I would marry him all over again, and I’m damn lucky to have him.   A little re-affirmation goes a long way sometimes 😉 Til tomorrow… Buenos noches!


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stumbles mcgee they call me the day in which my hope bubbles just a littttttle…

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