stumbles mcgee they call me

March 4, 2008 at 7:12 pm 1 comment

So much for writing every day while we are here! I didn’t realize how busy it is to be so relaxed! Well, our first full day in paradise didn’t quite go as planned. It started off ok but then… well I’ll explain.

We spent the morning at the pool on the other side of the resort just to get an idea of where the best spots were. After a few hours of hot sun and not wanting to overdo it too quickly, I came back to our room in the afternoon for a nap. A stayed back by the pool. Well right outside our balcony a wedding reception was in midstride on the beach with mariachis (sp?) and it was quite lively so I thought, heck – I’ll just go down to the beach myself and read a while and watch the festivities! The music was pretty loud – sleep wasn’t happening for me. So I made it across the pavement path and stepped down onto the grass, distracted by the giant horse and buggy behind me carrying the bride and groom and I swiftly bailed over the step and went down like a ton of bricks, camera, book flying and all. A little tidbit about me – I am a total klutz. Like major. I trip and fall probably every few months in some embarrassing manner and usually it’s no big deal. Everyone laughs, ha ha, and on we go. Well this time I was a bit stunned because I knew pretty quickly was not the usual trip – my left knee was beaten up pretty bad by the cement and my right ankle was on fire. I immediately burst into involuntary tears, unable to stand up at all. Within a few minutes resort staff were around me speaking to me in Spanish and I kept saying I’m fine, I’m fine. I totally wasn’t but I hated the attention I was drawing and I just wanted to be left alone. I sat there for a few more minutes and my foot began to swell to ginormous proportions, realizing I should probably ice it which involved getting back to my room on my own up 3 flights of stairs, ouch. Ante came back to the room an hour later and by that time I’d called the resort doctor to come look at my ankle – I was sure it was broken. Well it wasn’t but it was a good sprain and she fixed me right up. She spoke with hotel management and had us move rooms to a ground level suite right next to the main pool (huge score) and it makes all the difference. I’ve got a splint thing for my leg when I’m up and around and some crutches but I haven’t needed those since day 2. I’m still limping around but it’s getting better each day. It just really sucks because to get anywhere around this huge resort you gotta walk it.

We are having a fantastic time regardless – spending our evenings at the a la carte restaurants in the golf club – super food and amazing service. The weather has been amazing, we really can’t complain about a thing. I hope I am able to get around better in the next few days so we can take a trip to the flea markets to pick up some souvenir stuff for the fam back home.


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hot sun here we come my ears are burnt

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  • 1. Kirsten Eide  |  March 5, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear that Jen, or should I say Stumbles! A must’ve got a shock when he came back to your room! So glad it’s not broken and you’re still managing to enjoy yourself. Hope you get to the flea markets.

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