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February 23, 2008 at 3:04 am 4 comments

Today was the first day of the rest of our life… does that sound too monumental?  Well, essentially it is!  Today we registered with the adoption agency and gave them a cheque for (gulp) 3500 buckaroos to pay for the home study portion of the application.  Now we are on the “list” and will be grandfathered under the current intercountry adoption with the US, so that after April 1st waiting families like us will still be eligible to adopt from the states.  So the next 90 days means home visits with the social worker assigned to our case; it means lots of writing on my part to establish our “profile” which will be shown to birth parents; it means lots of paperwork and filling out of forms… and I think we are ready for it.  Notice how I’m being all matter of fact about this?  I’m not really allowing myself to “feel” anything right now because I’m too afraid to get emotionally attached to the idea of a new baby on the way, or even the possibility of it I guess, so I am just going through the motions and keeping as much of the mental stuff out of it as I can. Having been through the wringer these past two years I’m a bit numb to it all.  Although I know its affecting me because I’m waking up in the night and can’t sleep past five thirty am, and I seem to be a bit anxious throughout the day.  But there is so much going on right now I’m not sure if its just a reaction to the stress.  I’m just soooo ready to leave on that jet plane to Mexico.  A real life vacation from everything with my main squeeze.   

And do you know many times I have heard in the last week:  “Now that you’ve made the decision to adopt, you know you are going to get pregnant now right?”  Well, heck – why didn’t I think of it sooner? lol


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  • 1. Alisha  |  February 23, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    What a nice entry. You sound soo positive…great news!
    Very very exciting!
    I can’t wait to see how things play out. Just like your last sentence states…now that you’ve decided to go the adoption route…watch, you’ll get preggies. Either way, in the end, you’ll be blessed. Whatever will be, will be.

  • 2. canape  |  February 24, 2008 at 4:43 am

    Forgive me if I double post . . . I don’t know if it took the first time.

    But I just wanted to say again how excited I am for you and this new leg of your journey!

  • 3. Kirsten Eide  |  February 26, 2008 at 2:51 am

    Wow, I’m so happy for you that you’ve made the decision to pursue adoption. I imagine it was a pretty tough decision to make. I’m praying that you can have peace on your hearts now that the decision is made and that the waiting game isn’t a killer. Look forward to updates on this new adventure! And btw, have a GREAT holiday, you deserve it.

  • 4. Jackie  |  February 26, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    You know, I always thought that theory was, well, just a theory. The one where people say once you adopt you get pregnant. Then, my good friend Bev from work had a daughter who had tried for 7 years to have a baby: finally adopted a newborn little boy, and lo and behold, found out they were pregnant and now have a little girl, too. They are thrilled with their family. She thought she was feeling sick because of all the excitement and lack of sleep, etc. with the adoption. It DOES happen!!!! But as someone else says, whatever will be, will be. Enjoy all this excitement; I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything, and anything goes well. Keep us all posted on your new adventure!!!

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