snow day

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First of all – I am just giddy with happiness for Canape and her husband Guy ~ they welcomed a beautiful son named Christopher into the world over the weekend.  I remember when I first came across Canape’s blog just over a year ago and she was going through the aftermath of a miscarriage, a terribly painful heart break for the loss of her first baby, and I just offered her a few words of support over the blogosphere … which was the beginning of a friendship for us that turned into her supporting me so much over the past year thorought my infertility struggles.  She has listened and cheered me on when things felt bleak.  And it’s time like these that it becomes to glaringly obvious how untouchable these blog friendships truly are because I can hear about her baby and see pictures but I will never “meet” her little family “IRL” even though I do care deeply for them… ahh… it’s funny how sometimes good friends aren’t always the ones you have coffee with on Wednesday nights. 

We had a big dump of snow today and both A and I were stuck at home.  It was a really nice day.  Sweetlove was at Grandma’s house overnight and played in the snow with Grandpa today while A and I cleaned the house and did our own thing a bit.  I worked from home, both on real “work” and on a little sewing project I like to call “fun”.  I’m quilting a blanket for my best friend’s baby due in May.  I have also made her a breastfeeding blanket – based on the designs – and it came out so nice!  I am impressed with myself even!  I made a trek out to the depths of Vancou.ver last weekend to a few eclectic fabric stores and scored some neat notions (listen to me, all cool with the sewing lingo).  I also had Charlie this weekend, I was beat by Sunday night – just sleep deprived really, but oh so happy.  I rocked him in my arms for hours, singing my favorite lullabyes.  He even grinned at me a few times!  And …. I have been asked to be Godmo.ther to his twin Claire.  My first Godch.ild!  I am so over the moon with this, I can’t even describe it.  A very special honour, indeed.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post about feeling like the odd kid out.  I think its true that I blog about Sweetlove quite a bit and that might turn away some primary infertiles, and fair enough.  I’d never really thought about it that way, but after it was pointed out to me – I think I really do understand that part of it.  Hearing stories and anecdotes about my child just might rub salt in the wounds of a reader who isn’t in the space to hear that sort of thing.  But truly, for me, blogging about Sweetlove balances the sadess in my heart with blessing and reminds me why I am so damn lucky to have him.  So now I think I understand.  And the support I do get from my regular readers is amazing so I really can’t complain, it was just something that always has puzzled me.

So…. 11dpo today.  Feeling crampy a bit already.  Always the first sign of impending doom.  Ugh.  Oh well, like I’m surprised.  I always chase that little spec of hope swirling around in my head out of the room, and it sneaks back in here and there teasing me.  But here we are, just like every other cycle.  Back aching and crampy.

Huge prayers right now for Mary Ellen  going through a very scary time with her triplet pregnancy.  Please offer her your support if you haven’t already.  My thoughts are never very far away from what she is dealing with right now, she really deserves for these little baby girls to come home safe with her and she has been through so much already.


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