Moving On

August 16, 2007 at 7:50 pm 3 comments

I went to see my RE yesterday for advice on my now-80-day-and-still-going-strong cycle… so first thing he says to me is, “So I hear your cycle is pretty messed up huh?” Um, yeah, thanks for that Doctor. He proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t see a connection with the FSH injectibles from last cycle and this debacle of a cycle. Are you serious? In 15 years of menstrating, regular 35 day cycles and now an 80 day one and it’s just a coincidence? Mmkay. (note the sarcasm). And then he tells me that I really just need to lose some weight and that would solve all my problems. OK. He’s right, I do need to lose weight, health wise, yes. But point 1. I was this same weight when I conceived Sweetlove. Point 2. My cycles have remained 35-ish days from the beginning of time, when I was thin and when I was heavy, always the same. Point 3. I ovulate regularly. Point 4. Why is he just mentioning this now? Never once did he mention my weight being a factor in all the times we’ve talked. I’ll tell you why I think so. Because he can’t explain why my cycle is so screwed up and he wants to blame it on me! So, basically, I walked out of there saying I would try to lose 35 more pounds (I have lost about 20 in the last few months already) and I would be back in touch down the line. But truly, I don’t think I will. Go back to him I mean. I am going to continue to lose weight and find another RE who doesn’t contradict himself and the rest of the medical community at least twice every time I see him. I am not that upset about it all actually, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted (metaphorically speaking of course!) and I am happy to try other methods for a while. This 80+ day cycle is most likely not going to repeat itself, and I do have one month worth of clomid tablets sitting in my medicine cabinet that I plan to take next cycle on my own anyways. And once I’m close to my goal of another 35 pounds down, I will find another RE to consult. Even though there isn’t a clinic as convenient as this one in terms of proximity, we’ll just have to deal. There’s no use in seeing a doctor who isn’t helping me anyways and who I don’t believe in. Whether I’m right or wrong, his approach kind of sucks.

So yeah. That’s where I’m at today. My bb’s and my lower back are hurting these last few days and I’m awful hungry so I think AF might be around the corner. Please Lord, let AF be around the corner!


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we’re back! Grateful

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  • 1. canape  |  August 17, 2007 at 1:15 am

    For once, I hope she is right around the corner too.

    I think changing doctors is brave, and I think that you are amazing.

    Good luck on your goals. You still have a squad of cheerleaders out here!

  • 2. Alisha  |  August 19, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Good decision on changing doc’s. Ditto on what canape said about AF. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been?
    Anyway, losing weight is not easy…I was 50 lbs overweight too and so far have lost about 30 lbs. GO YOU sista! You can DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3. Mary Ellen  |  August 20, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    How frustrating. I hope that she shows up soon.

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