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June 29, 2007 at 2:20 am 3 comments

This week has been so weird! It was an extreme feeling of missing my baby boy and enjoying the freedom all at the same time. I have kept so busy to pass the time – seeing girlfriends I rarely get time to see, going out to dinner, sleeping late, napping after work (!) and just plain keeping to whatever schedule I felt like around my work hours. But I am counting down the hours until we get to the lake tomorrow to wrap my arms around my little boy. Today his Auntie (who is up there now with my nephew and my mom) said to Sweetlove, “Oh boy, I could just EAT you UP!” (as in, you are so cute…) and his reply? “No Auntie! Don’t eat me up! My mama is coming tomorrow and she won’t be able to find me!” The sweetness. See?

Last night I went over to my friend’s house who is 14 weeks pregnant with twins (IVF #2, that friend) and she is absolutely glowing. I can’t help but tear up when I look at her, thinking of what she has been through and where is today. I am so happy for her and her hubby, if there are such thing as “turns” it was definitely hers. And in a weirdly crazy sort of way, each month I am not pregnant myself is another month closer to being able to help her with those babies… so bittersweet! She will need me desperately during that time (or so she thinks, first time mom and all, with twins, yikes!) and I would love to be there for her if I can but I’d also love to be layed up with PIH in a hospital bed waiting to deliver my own little bambino too. OK, “love” might be a strong word there. I’d more love to be enjoying a healthy pregnancy … but you know what I mean right?

I started taking something called “Chaste Tree Berry” (aka Vitex / Agnes Cactus) today. It’s been in my medicine cabinet for an. entire. year. I’ve been so afraid to make the committment to take it for a solid three months that I’ve put it off. Where western medicine has failed me, I am now opening the door to eastern medicine and I’m going to give it the summer to see if it regulates my cycles. And by regulate, I mean bring my ovulation date up to something respectable like before CD20. I’m on CD32 today with no “o” in sight… very unusual for me but this is my first cycle off injectibles and I think my body is really confused.

Here’s a little about Chaste Tree Berry:
(excerpt from Steven Foster @ stevenfoster.com)
“It was found that chaste tree fruit preparations act on the pituitary gland to regulate the production of, and induce normalization of the ovarian hormones. The timing of the release of pituitary hormones, regulates menstruation, fertility, and other processes. Hence, an agent that will produce a balance of hormones can help to regulate these processes. The biological activity of chaste tree cannot be attributed to a single chemical component. The fruits contain flavonoids including the major flavonoid casticin, as well as orientin and isovitexin. Many chaste tree products are standardized to flavonoid content.”

Apparently if you are oestrogen dominant it might help. For some women, it works miracles and for others it screws their cycles right up. You have to be prepared to give it a few months though – I’ve seen the analogy like a home renovation – you have to tear the structure down and it will look like crap until the work is done and then it will be beautiful.

I just know that if I don’t try it, I will always wonder if this is all it could have taken, you know?


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i’ll be missing you… i’d rather be puking in the back room

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. canape  |  June 29, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    The sweetness, indeed!

  • 2. Mary Ellen  |  June 29, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    So cute!

    I have taken Chaste tree berry before we were diagnosed. It made my skin go absolutely crazy. I hope that you have better luck than I did!

  • 3. Alisha  |  June 29, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    I’m sure you can’t wait to wrap your arms around L. Hope you have a fab weekend catching up on loving him, hugging etc… ;o)

    And I also hope that your Chaste Free Berry tastes delicious and not rancid…

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