i’ll be missing you…

June 22, 2007 at 4:19 pm 2 comments

Two full weeks back to work now, I am off the pain meds for my back and feeling so good! (ok, I should actually say “better than crap” but I’m trying to be more positive with myself). Sweetlove leaves today for the cabin with my parents, he will be there for two weeks [omg, can I be away from him that long?] A. and I will be heading up there next Friday for the Canada Day long weekend so we’ll get to be with him for four days of that time. My mom takes care of Sweetlove while I work throughout the year, but her and my dad spend their summers at their lakefront property in the interior (5 hours drive) and I’ve covered off most of the summer so she can have HER holidays, but this week and next were the only ones I couldn’t find anyone for, and she was happy to take him. It will give him a chance to bond with Grandpa who’s barely ever home with all his work travels. And the place is like heaven on earth for a three year old. You’d think they had 10 grandkids with all the playgrounds, toys, sandboxes, swing sets, water toys, up there. It’s just Sweetlove and his little 10 month old cousin B! They would *love* ten or twenty grandkids but at this rate, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to give them a 3rd, [sigh]. So I’m a bit melancholy today, I’m going to miss my little guy like CRAZY this week, I’ll enjoy the freedom until about 10:00 tomorrow morning and then I’ll be counting down the minutes to when we can leave to go up there ourselves. And I’m going to squeeze him so friggin tight.

In cycle news, I’m on CD25 with impending ovulation close (albeit late) and we’re back on the horse, so to speak. A. quit smoking three weeks ago, cold turkey with the help of the patch, and I’m so damn proud of him. He’s had only 2 beers in the past three weeks, cut down his coffee to one small cup a day and eliminated all weed and cigarettes. Talk about will power! I didn’t know he had it in him, but man am I ever appreciative. It’s also helped us feel more like we’re in this together, he’s asking more about where I am in my cycle, and he’s thinking more about the coming months and more open to the actual conversations about such. I can tell he’s more invested. I think he’s thinking “when we finally get pregnant, I can have my life back too!” Ha! Or maybe he’ll just feel so much better being HEALTHY without all those poisons that he won’t want to go back. That would be nice too.

Cyclewise, I’m really at a loss of what to do next. I’ve really enjoyed the break from all the meds, I can’t even put into words how good that has felt physically. But on the other hand, it feels crappy to not be *doing anything* to help our cause right now. No treatment = no hope. God that sounds depressing. But it’s the way it feels. I don’t even know when I’m going to go back to the clinic at this point. I need figure out a plan first.

Anyways, that’s what’s going on in my end of the world. Happy Friday everyone!


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doin’ ok east meets west

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  • 1. Mary Ellen  |  June 22, 2007 at 6:14 pm

    I hope that you are able to enjoy your alone time. I have fingers and toes crossed that you have great news for us at the end of this cycle.

  • 2. canape  |  June 25, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    Been thinking of you, wondering how you are holding up without that precious Sweetlove. Hope you and hubby are having some super awesome alone time!

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