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CD3 ultrasound went OK. The cyst is still there, looked a tiny bit smaller but I wasn’t clever enough to ask the dimensions at the time. It was quick, in and out, picked up my clomid from the front desk and off to work. The appt was at 7:30am and I normally start work at 8:00. I drove into work at 8:18! I was happy about that, the less this interferes with work the better. I considered whether or not to tell my boss the truth, but ended up deciding against it, the less she knows the better. I told her I was having minor surgery next week (which will be the IUI procedure day) and I had two prep appts beforehand for the surgery (CD3 ultrasound and CD10 ultrasound). I explained I would be back into work the next day after the procedure, and it would be in the afternoon so I would only miss a few hours work. She said basically that she hoped all goes well and didn’t ask further questions. Whew! I am thinking when the times comes that I have to do injectibles and increased monitoring (every other day) I will have to be more honest but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I realized when I opened up my prescription that I was given actual brand name “Clomid” and not the generic stuff I took the last three cycles. So maaayyyybbbbeeeee that will make a difference???? I will take any hint of that at this point. Plus I am taking 100mg rather than the 50mg I have taken the previous three cycles. I still didn’t ovulate by CD14 on the 50mg cycles, the earliest was CD20 where as non-medicated I “o” on CD26. So maaayyyyybbbbbbbeeeee 100mg will bring me up to CD14! This is my hope. Finding Hope. Anywhere. That’s me.

One of the reasons this is of concern to me is that we planned to go to the cabin with my parents for Easter. Easter stat is next Friday so we would leave Thursday night and come back Sunday night. What if I go to the CD10 ultrasound he wants to trigger Fri/Sat or Sun? Then we can’t go. But my parents have already said they’d like to take Sweetlove with them, which would actually be OK but we’d still rather all go. I am not going to stress about it though, that will not help the situation. In a perfect world, we would trigger Monday morning (CD 14) and IUI Tuesday afternoon (CD15). So that’s what I’m hoping for. A lot of hoping going on here.

Next RE appt: Thursday @ 7:30am. Grow follies grow! (and left ovary please, the right is out of service.)


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