March 28, 2007 at 2:03 am Leave a comment

My period came in full force at about 2:00 am.  Always nice to wake up in the middle of the night to a murder scene in your bed of white sheets.  I was semi prepared for it, but wow…. enough said.

 Cramps and back ached like a mo-fo today.   I was a bit of a cranky pants at work.  But I picked up Sweetlove from Grandma’s after work and we came home and played soccer in the street, build dirt castles and he road his bike for a bit.  It’s SO nice to finally have some sunshine, I can’t even explain it, it’s like the darkness has lifted outside and I just feel good.

My CD3 ultrasound is Thursday AM.  I will pick up my clomid from the clinic’s pharmacy and then time how fast it will take to turn into super bitch on this double dose of clomid.  I expect my next u/s will be CD10 (next Thursday) and then depending on how my follies look, we’ll plan the trigger and IUI. 

One of my best friends (IRL) started stimming for her IVF#2 cycle yesterday.   I hope the stars align for her and her hubby this time, she needs this to go right.

 Here’s a picture of Sweetlove and his little seven month old cousin after dinner on Saturday night 🙂 Sweeties!



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Triphasic Shmyphasic CD4

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