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I think I ovulated yesterday, Sunday, CD25. Won’t know for sure after a couple of days high temps of course. I’ve decided to take the NPC (natural progesterone cream) this LP, since my last 7dpo progesterone level wasn’t exactly stellar. Who knows, mayyyyyybbbbbbbeeeeee it will make a difference? Can’t hurt, anyway.

So this month we took a different approach to the BD pattern. Instead of BD’ing like rabbits from the beginning of fertile cm until after “o”… we decided to throw caution to the wind and just wait until I get a positive OPK and then BD like it was “an accident”, a night of passionate unbridled love (ok, not anything close, since I’m sick with a cold and we couldn’t even KISS) but that’s how most people get pregnant right? Doing it just that one time? Plus his sperm count would have been a lot higher at the right time since he’d built it up for a good number of days before the big event. I’m sure you all really want to know all of these sorted details. Really I’m just talking about it to DOCUMENT the difference this month so that when we miraculously get a positive HPT in 12 days, we will know what we did differently this cycle as opposed to the others! Right. A girl can dream….

Other than that, I’m spending a lot of my time second-guessing our decision about the upcoming clomid/iui cycle. I’m concerned that my follies won’t mature properly with measly old clomid and the iui will be a waste. I’m concerned I need the big guns and we’re just wasting a cycle that will probably just leave me with another giant cyst intead of a giant embryo. However… decision has been made and I have to just be OK with it. If I don’t respond well, my RE will hopefully agree with me that we should move on to injects. Because once again, how come five days before I ovulated I had zero dominant follicles on my u/s scan? I’m thinking this little eggy that popped was a runt and maybe all the other ones have been too… hence not getting pregnant. Just a guess.

Guess I should get back to work. Oh right, I have a job! By the way, did I mention this time change thing SUCKS!


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Ovulating… what? Here I Am

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