Appt with the RE

March 6, 2007 at 9:41 pm 2 comments

And I had my u/s and appt with the RE today. Bad news is that my cyst is staying put and he thinks its not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s bigger than my ovary and is completely blocking any follicles from growing and coming out of that ovary. So basically I’m operating with one ovary for now. He thinks the cyst has been there for quite some time and since it’s hindered ovulation from that side, has played a factor in me getting pregnant.

Good news is that the left ovary looks healthy and active. However no dominant follicles so I’m not going to ovulate any time soon — I’m on cycle day 20! Crap. I was pretty sure I was getting close. But it’s been a weird cycle all around so I’m not that surprised.

He also measured my uterine lining and says it looks good, which I was concerned about since a side effect of clomid is that it thins the lining.

More good news is that the cyst is not going to prevent us from going ahead with a treatment cycle. Even though I’m at reduced chances of success with one working ovary. We could do surgery but since I’m so “young” he’s in no rush to do that. He’s going to watch it and hope it resolves itself eventually.

So after talking with him about the multiple pregnancy risk between injectibles and clomid, I decided to go ahead with a clomid/trigger/IUI. He wants to see how I “respond” to clomid and if I produce enough follicles then why go to the more aggressive treatment if we don’t have to. I hate the side effects of clomid but for the sake of the extra monitoring, I’m going to try one more round. And he agreed to doing a trigger shot as well so that we can get me closer to ovulating around day 14. Even though he says he doesn’t think that it matters so much when the egg drops, but matters more as to the quality of the egg.

All in all, I spent a good hour with him and he helped me sort things out in my head. If this clomid/iui cycle doesn’t give me good results I’ll just go straight to injects. And by “good results” I don’t mean a BFP (well I do), but I mean more the right size eggs and the right number of them, and ovulating at a decent time. That sort of thing.

So we’ll see. Now let’s just get this weird cycle over with! Watch it be my longest ever.


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I want to sleep again. Ovulating… what?

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  • 1. Anonymous  |  March 7, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Sounds like you’re on the right track girl. Happy to hear that you’re going to give Clomid another shot.


  • 2. Anonymous  |  March 9, 2007 at 1:58 pm

    I agree with Alisha. You are on the right track and things are progressing. At least you feel like you are ‘doing something’. Sometmes just having a plan of action helps with feeling better about things. Best of luck to ya; I’ll be hoping for a BFP real soon!


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