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I got my Day 21 (aka 7 dpo) progesterone blood test results back yesterday. Doctors like to see a value over “10” on a natural cycle because to sustain the beginning developments of a pregnancy you need at least that level, and they want to see over “15” on a medicated cycle (like clomid, so that’s where I should be).

My result was 9.65

So good and bad. Good because maybe that’s my problem and its easily fixable with some progesterone suppositories. Bad because why haven’t they figured this out sooner, why didn’t I ask for this sooner, why is clomid not working for me? And I’m probably not pregnant this month. And if I am, I am at increased risk for miscarrying due to the low level of progesterone. So last night I was ready to move on with this cycle, and took my temperature so I could see it was back down to my usual temp and I could accept that I’m not pregnant. But then I took it, and my temp was 99.2 which is way high for me. I never see readings over 98.5 in the evening. Especially not the day before my period is due. So God wanted me to keep hoping I guess. He wants me to continue to be tortured by this cycle.

I’m not quite sure if I am 13 or 14 dpo today. My charts say 13, but based on my OPK and temps I have a feeling I’m 14 which means AF should arrive today. I’m going to the washroom every half hour to “check” if you KWIM. I don’t feel the lower back ache yet which is strange. Just sore bb’s, really thirsty, irritable (wow, really irritable), hungry, tired and generally PMS’y.

Probably by tomorrow I will be able to either wallow again or shout from the rooftops.

Thanks everyone for reading. I’m getting some nice comments from readers I don’t hear from much, so thank you. It’s so nice to know I’ve got support out there, really. It means a lot.


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