So I Made Other Plans (Now, Life, Happen! Please!)

January 29, 2007 at 6:19 pm 1 comment

I’ve never owned a new car. Well they were always new to me, but definitely nowhere near “new” to the world. So I’ve been holding off on selling my twelve year old Explorer, thinking, oh I’ll be on maternity leave early and on bedrest and then home with two kids for a year, I won’t need a good vehicle at home all the time, and affording a car payment will be difficult on the reduced income. So we waited. And we waited. And I’ve put my life on hold for two years now, the first year we were preparing to try to conceive and this last year we’ve been actively trying, and nothing. Nada. No baby. No maternity leave. Well guess what? They always say life happens when you are making other plans right? So we went ahead and sold our old trusty ford (a bit sad to see her go) and went out this weekend and bought my favorite little SUV that I’ve been eyeing and researching for the last year (it’s a compact SUV, much more efficient and economical than our big Explorer). Isn’t it a beauty? I am quite proud of how I wheeled and dealed at the dealership – got myself a nice price just barely over invoice (I did a TON of research on how to work the salesman and knew what he paid for it) and we drove home on Saturday with my new baby. My 2007 baby. Not the one I WANTED for 2007 in the form of a soggy diapered bundle of joy, but you know what? This will do. And while I’m planning on a fruitful year of full income – I will get pregnant and say, oy, what did I do! Ah well, it will be worth it. I’ve resolved to stop putting my life on hold and just go on with it.

Cycle wise – I know I’m gearing up to ovulate, I am full of insomnia and anxiety, always my tell tale signs. This is my husband’s favorite time of the month and he is treating me extra nice right now. Not to mention my back is still really hurting from the dresser fiasco last week, so he’s pulling a little extra weight around the house which helps put the twinkle in my eye!


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Ouch, Fuck. On the Verge

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  • 1. canape  |  January 30, 2007 at 4:06 am

    Congrats on the new car. My hubby just replaced my 1992 Volvo with a new Jeep Commander. I was scared to drive it for the first couple of weeks.

    The dresser story made my heart skip a beat. I’m glad L is alright and hope your back feels better soon.

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