2ww Begins Again

December 31, 2006 at 5:56 am Leave a comment

I believe I ovulated either last night or this morning because I felt pains in my left side last night for a few very long minutes and today my CM dried up completely. We covered our bases regardless but what a weird cycle, with four days of positive OPK’s. ??? Anyone out there know what the heck that means? Never had more than one day of + before. I’m hoping it means more eggs being released and more chances to sperminate. God knows if my calculations are correct, over the past five days we’ve deposited 11 billion and 745 million sperm and ONE has to damn well make it to the finish line. Just one is all I’m asking for. I’ve had such a hellish month of physically feeling like crap, I really feel extra deserving this month. From the nausea, the headaches and the dizziness, to the ovulation cramping/pain for the last thirteen days, I am so ready for the 2ww to begin. I love the progesterone-induced haze that comes over me during the 2ww. I get tired, sleep like a baby; I fall asleep without having to count sheep for hours, I fall asleep as I melt into the pillowcase dreaming of babyland. I am also able to eat and enjoy food, “hungry all the time” isn’t exactly great for the waistline but the rest of my cycle food just makes my stomach turn, well on clomid it does anyhow. I swear all I’ve been able to eat for the past three weeks is steamed rice and the odd mandarine orange. I’m ready for a meal again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I’m going to prepare a post about saying goodbye to 2006 and hello to 2007, hopefully get it up on New Year’s Day. So Happy New Year’s everyone; we’re going to an 80’s Inspired New Year’s Party which should be a blast. Some stirup pants and hairsprayed bangs, some Tiffany on the stereo… should be fun!


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A Wonderful Christmas… A New Year

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