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This is where L. spend the weekend – up at the lake with my parents. A. and I stayed home, he worked Saturday and I cleaned the house. Today I visited with my baby nephew Benjamin, the cutest ten week old baby in the world (next to my own of course). I also visited with my good friend G. who had her 9 lb, 4 oz baby on Wednesday night, Aidan is his name. He’s also a little sweetie, ahhh……….. the babies are everywhere!!!!! It seems everywhere I turn, I see pregnancy, childbirth and babies. It actually soothes my heart when I can spend time with babies, it is where I am at my best, my most at peace. I can’t explain it. There is something so pure, so innocent, so lovely about newborns. I kind of feel their aura rub off on me a bit.
So I am officially three days post ovulation today. My temp has risen enough to confirm it, and I am feeling so PMS’y already. Crampy, lower backache, the whole works. I normally don’t start feeling like this until about 7 DPO so who knows.
Anyways, I’m half watching Desp.erat.e Hous.e.wiv.es and half writing this, and its getting good, so off I go!

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Did It Actually Do The Trick? 11 DPO

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