Did It Actually Do The Trick?

October 18, 2006 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

The HSG I had this month has changed something inside of me. Seriously. First of all, my temps are totally wacky – up and down every day – rather than the usual follicular pattern of low stable temps. And I normally have a fade in pattern of OPK strips, sometimes it takes 3 days to get positive and sometimes it takes a week of up and down up and down until finally it goes positive. Well this month is so different! Yesterday was the usual barely-there-line, and today it’s POSITIVE! Just like my fertility monitor said it would be, but I didn’t believe it because I wasn’t getting the fade-in pattern. My monitor predicted three days ago that tomorrow I would ovulate, and wala! +OPK today. I think all this weirdness must be the result of the HSG. Nothing else is different this month except that. I believe that my body normally tries to ovulate over several days, but this month it revved up properly and is going to release that eggy like it should. At least I hope so… I guess we’ll see in a few days. I hope the HSG made enough of a difference to get me pregnant this cycle, wouldn’t that be nice? I really don’t want to fill that clomid prescription if I don’t have to, you know? Well, wish me luck… here goes a whole lotta BD action!

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