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Cycle 4 – 3 DPO

I ovulated earlier than ever this cycle – day 25! That’s 9 days earlier than last cycle. But just a few days earlier than normal, still a positive change. All I did differently this month was stop taking the vitamins. I needed a break from it, it seemed with every pill swallow I would be reminded of my plight and it was all too consuming. Maybe it will do the trick. I am not feeling any 2ww or PG symptoms yet, but it will be interesting to see if I get my usual pre-AF migraine this month, due between 4 DPO and 6 DPO. If I don’t, I will take it as a good sign that maybe just maybe this month will be different.


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Another miracle is born…

I’m so proud of my big brother who became a father yesterday, I can already hear a softness in his voice that is never before. I found myself instantly loving this little baby who is my nephew, little Benjamen.

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Cycle 4 – CD14

I’ve tried to keep this journal optimistic, however tonight I’m feeling a little sad. Everywhere I turn, I see pregnant women and newborn babies. So many new babies being born around me, and so many pregnant friends it seems. Almost all the women on my online groups who were TTC along with me have moved on to their first trimester. My PE buddy in Ontario decided to TTC for her second last month and we were excited about being preggers together. Then she gets her BFP first try! I’m really so happy for her but… gosh, why isn’t it happening for US? I went to see Dr. A – she says I’m trying too hard. And it’s only been six months right? Well, yes. I am just really beginning to see how devastating this must be for couples who go through this for years. I guess it doesn’t help that Luka is at the cabin this week with my parents — I am missing my baby boy and I have too much time to look inward I guess.

So I have an appt to see my OBGYN on Sept 15. Show him my charts and my CD3 & 7DPO bloodwork… I’m just concerned about why I’m ovulating so late and if that has something to do with why we aren’t catching the egg each month.

Here’s to another cycle.

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