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Cycle 3 – 7 DPO

Had migraine the last two days, began 6 DPO.
Cramping tonight, moderate.
Nightsweats the last few nights.
Getting up to pee in the middle of the night for the last 5 days — very unusual for me.
Temp is still up.


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Cycle 3 – 3 DPO

Charting this month has been such a great thing to do. I’ve actually enjoyed analyzing my temps and seeing the rise after ovulation was such a relief. I was worried that the reason I wasn’t getting pregnant was that the egg wasn’t popping. But now that I know that isn’t the issue, I think maybe it’s just time to wait for the “right” egg and know that it will happen in God’s time.

I went on a business trip right smack on the day I was supposed to ovulate. So the stress of the trip, the worrying about how I would deal with the anxiety of travelling alone across the country — well it delayed ovulation by an entire week. Which was actually good because I was able to time BD better at home with Ante.

I had a lot more EWCM this month, thanks to the green tea and the EPO. I am switching to flaxseed oil now to help out my uterine lining. I stopped the herbal blend mid-way cycle, I was getting awful headaches daily and didn’t feel it was doing what it was supposed to be doing.

So far, 3 DPO – all I’ve got for symptoms is:
slightly sore BB’s and gas.

Here’s to hoping third time’s a charm.

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