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Cycle 3 – CD2

Here I am! Not pregnant. Not happy. Oh, well what can you do right? I actually took it better this month than last. I am starting to feel like it will happen when it happens and all we can do is pray and dream and hope and plan… and wait. It is God’s will and I am OK with that.

So… this month’s regimen includes:
1. continue taking B6 & BComplex
2. continue taking folic acid
3. continue taking omega 3-6-9
4. continue charting and using fertility monitor

I am adding the following:
1. Evening Primrose Oil, 1300 mg / day to increase EWCM.
2. Add multi-vitamin
3. Ante is taking zinc and selenium to give him SUPER SPERM!
4. cut down on sugar intake and carbs to help with egg quality
5. attempt to chart BBT
6. try not to obsess so much during 2ww!

Plus I am seeing a naturopath on Tuesday to see if she has any other advice for me to reduce my cycle length without screwing it up too much.

Huge benefit this month with the B vitamins and omegas – only 1 day of spotting (5-7 before) pre-AF and no cramps pre-AF (7 days before). Awesome!

Onwards and upwards!


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