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Cycle 2 – 9 DPO

My symptoms today:
sleepy, heartburn, dull cramping off and on during the day, lower back ache, slightly sore BB’s, headache, irritable.


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Cycle 2 – 6 DPO

Well, I’ve had a migraine this week, started the morning of 4 DPO. Still have it tonight and have been taking lots of tylenol but it’s really not budging. Today I’ve also got slightly sore BB’s. No other symptoms so far.

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Cycle 2 – CD27 – OPK+ Today!

So it’s been quite a month. I think I am an official TTC guru now as I can’t seem to do anything half-a*s. I have researched the crap out of this subject to make sure I do everything possible to increase my chances.

So this month here’s what I added to my ttc regime:

– B6 50 mg
– B-Complex 50 (with another 50 mg of B6 in it)
– Omega 3-6-9
– Green tea during fertile days to increase CM
– charting CM daily
– fertility monitor
– BD every day during fertile days
– BD “better” and as DH says “more into it” as I have read that the more turned on DH is the more sperm he will create and send out for delivery. I’m trying really hard to make it “not mechanical” and more romantic for his sake. So now he doesn’t feel so much like a turkey baster.

Today I got my +++ OPK!!! Two days earlier than last month, but I am happy that it is so close to last month and I can predict my cycles more lately. That means better hormonal balance right? I’m so paranoid about having problems. I hate that about myself. This is only our second month TTC and I am acting like we’re infertile or something. I just want this to happen so bad, the wait is so hard.

So here’s my OPK. Hopefully in two weeks I can post my HPT with as much excitement !

On to DPO soon!

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