April 20, 2006 at 2:06 am Leave a comment

My hope is dwindling. Fast.

I woke up this morning with pink spotting on the TP. Nothing actually made in to the underwear today but wiping I could see the pink. And only once every couple of times so it was barely there. At first I was like, ok, it’s definitely over. The fat lady has sung.

But as the morning went on, I thought about all those TTC posts I’d read with the same story of symptoms that ended in BFP. So now my little tiny bit of hope is back and I’m out of HPT tests so I took a OPK and it was faint positive again. I am being tortured! I can’t let it go until the flow comes!

I won’t POAS again until Saturday.

Symptoms today:
backache, headache, tired, hungry, cramps, moody, sore bb’s. Oh, and SPOTTING 😦
Sounds like PMS to me.


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